Replacing The Windshield In Your Vehicle Without Going To An Auto Glass Shop

There are many reasons people wait to replace a windshield with a crack or some other damage to it. Sometimes the auto glass repair gets put aside because of the time involved, but if the auto glass repair shop comes to you, it can make getting the work done much more convenient.

Windshield Damage

If the windshield in your car or truck is cracked, repairing it is vital to the vehicle's safety. Depending on the location of the damage, the crack can make it hard to see through the glass, and if the fracture is large enough, it can reduce the structural integrity of the windshield. 

An auto glass repair tech may be able to repair the glass without having to replace it, but if the damage is significant, the windshield will most likely need replacing. Most auto glass repair services will only repair windshields with cracks under an inch or two that are not spreading over a large area.

The tech working on the vehicle can go over the options with you and explain why they recommend replacing the glass if that is necessary. If the glass has been cracked for a while, it can continue to fracture as you drive the vehicle, so the sooner you get it looked at, the better the chances the tech has of repairing the damage. 

Mobile Service

In general, a mobile auto glass repair service can do all the work offered in the shop, at your home, or office. The technician will come to you and bring the glass you need, the tools to make the repairs or replace the glass, and do it all while you go on about your day. 

For people that work long hours, have small children at home, or have other responsibilities that make it difficult to bring the vehicle to the shop, mobile glass repair can offer convenience, without additional cost. If you need auto glass repair and you cant get to the repair shop, ask about mobile service in your area. 

Insurance And Glass Repair

Auto glass repair or replacement may be covered under your insurance policy. Before you take your car in, you should check with your coverage. Sometimes the deductible on glass damage is higher than the cost to repair it for older vehicles, but vehicles that are only a couple of years old or have a large windshield can be different. 

The best way to determine the coverage and limits is to talk with the agent that sold you the insurance policy or the insurance company's customer service line. If you can get an estimate for the work from the glass shop first, you can let the insurance company know what the cost will be, and they can tell you what is covered and what portion you need to pay when the work is complete.

For more information, contact local auto glass repair companies. 

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