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"The Ultimate Deer Hunting Contest"

Join hundreds of other hunters in what is being called the "Catch and Release" of deer hunting.


Contact Jim Carpenter - Rattlemaster

3026 Old St. Mary's Road

 Beeville, Texas  78102

 Office 361-362-2620 






Clint and Kyle "RattleMasters Team" using their "Hi 8 Sony MiniCam" in the field.






DVD Now Available!

Learn how to rattle up that elusive Whitetail Buck, step by step instructional video.

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Jim Carpenter's RATTLEMASTERS-OF-TEXAS contest is a Rattling/Video Hunting Contest. Deer hunters will challenge themselves with rattling up bucks, videoing the experience and submitting the video for entry into the "buck rattling/video contest". See video contest for instruction on how to enter.

Deer hunting in South Texas has never been more exciting. Anyone can enter our contest. Trophy hunters can now test their skills against some of the best deer rattlers out there.

Mixed Teams of Men, Women, or Youth, can enter our "Rattling/Video Contest". This is a  great competitive sport as you go against others for trophies and prizes.

How it started?

Jim Carpenter founder of Rattlemasters-of-Texas grew up in the south Texas brush country town of Freer.  He has hunted and guided in south Texas for most his life, and has been rattling bucks since 1970.  He started the contest after taking friends rattling in the brush country of South Texas and seeing how much they enjoyed the experience, soon they where competing against each other for the title of Rattlemaster.  Contest started in 1999, excepting entries from US, Mexico and Canada.


Why rattle?

During the rut (breeding season) bucks fight with each other for territorial and breeding rights.  When bucks are fighting, other bucks will hear them and come running. They respond to the sound of other bucks fighting over a doe.  What you are trying to do when rattling is to imitate this fighting activity. You rattle to get the bucks to respond and come to you.


Who Can Enter the Contest? 

Anyone can enter the contest, men, women and children. Please see the rules that are required on the video and tournament pages.


RATTLEMASTERS-OF-TEXAS also puts on Rattling/Video Tournaments during  the "Peak Rut" in South Texas or other areas. We have premier ranches that host our events. To learn more about the tournaments that are scheduled this season click on Tournaments.



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